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We are experts in developing specially formulated enzyme blends

NIS has developed specially formulated enzyme blends with your individual needs in mind to help facilitate the cross-links of gluten proteins, thereby strengthening the gluten and improving the rheological properties of the medium during mixing.
Our Knowledge Saves You Time
Our clear understanding of the functionality of our natural enzyme blends allows us to facilitate the composition, machining and handling of sometimes complex food systems. 
Grow Your Business
Our newly developed enzyme conditioners are performance specific for a multitude of baking applications including: 
   • Frozen 
   • Commercial 
   • Sweet goods 
   • Organic 
   • High fiber & rye breads 
   • Artisan 
   • Sponge & dough
 The Winning Formulas
NIS has a talented team of scientists and food formulators available to put together natural and organic blends with no synthetic ingredients.
Friendly Support
Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly, so you can get on with other things.

Our Newest Products

Organic Extra Fresh 2000-SXW 

A comprehensive yet meticulously balanced blend of the highest performing natural enzymes currently available for baking applications.


Organic Gluten Free Mold Inhibitor RCE-14 

Designed to perform within the parameters of organic processing standards incorporating a specialized technology that reinoculates the flour base.


Natural Mold Inhibitor NCE-14 

Designed to perform within the parameters of organic spelt processing standards incorporating a specialized technology that reinoculates the flour base.



NIS offers organic dough processors and conditioners to suit your company's specific needs. Our organic products are QAI certified, and meet high quality standards for health and functionality.

C U S T O M E R   B A S E   B L E N D S

Our goal at NIS is to create products that best fit your needs. As part of our services we offer custom blend solutions that can be tailored to your unique market strategy.

P R O C E S S I N G   A I D S

In our opinion, the end product and its product potential lie in the careful steps leading up to completion. Our line of processing aids are designed and formulated for a specific purpose - increase your yield and batch output.

D O U G H   C O N D I T I O N E R S

During the process of bread production, the development of a stable gluten network in the mixing stages is key for obtaining a medium with good extensibility and gas retention capacity.

M O L D   I N H I B I T O R S

NIS has developed highly functional, all natural mold inhibitors based on "water binding" technology to reduce water activity below spoilage levels thus minimizing the damaging effect of microbial content.

E N Z Y M E S   P L U S

Enzymes have been an essential part of modern technology and processing. For this reason, we offer various enzymes to enhance your processing requirements. Adding enzymes to your process allows for higher yield efficiencies, reduced processing cost, and better quality products.

P R O D U C T   F O R T I F I C A T I O N

As many producers of baked foods and snacks know well, the health appeal of fortification can be worth the extra cost, because it can turn everyday item into value-added premium choices.

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